Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Claire Maguire- 'Half Hearted love'

This track is beautiful, it really is as simple as that. Sometimes you don't need words to sell something, the beauty speaks for itself, but as this is a track review I guess a few words would be appropriate.

Musically this track encapsulates stripped down folk of the 1970s whilst staying new and fresh. This freshness comes from her amazingly unique voice and the sheer honesty of her lyrics. Her voice rises and flows like a great ocean whilst at all times keeping you harboured within the tale that her song weave's. With so many female singer/songwriters out there at the moment it is difficult to be heard and to be exciting. Maguire has two things in her favour; firstly her incredibly mature voice and unique voice, even more impressive as it comes from a 26 year old. And secondly I want to hear her songs, I want to hear, as sadistic as it sounds, the pain in her lyrics that creates intrigue and draws you in.